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Making A Difference

Most re-manufacturing companies will tell you they only use "virgin" cartridge cores to help create a better quality cartridge, when in fact, the only thing they are helping is their profits. With ALP's unique build process, we take pride in knowing that our method will produce a high-quality, dependable cartridge, regardless of how many times the core has been re-manufactured. 
Through the use of tools and training, we have been able to help our technicians accurately determine if a component will make another cycle. The technician also has the ability to replace any component they feel will not hold up to the ALP standards. Each line technician is not only measured on internal targets, but also external cartridge performance to help create a culture that strives on quality and recycling. 
"It can take up to 3 1/2 quarts of oil to produce a single toner cartridge. Over 300 million cartridges end up in our landfills each year." 
(Recharger Magazine)  
With the number of cartridges sold increasing each year, ALP has taken on initiatives to help reduce the carbon footprint our generation leaves on the environment. 
ALP has teamed up with local partners to recycle: 
-Scrap Plastics 
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